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The original Girl Fight girls of 310

On Friday, May 18th, my box, CrossFit 310, celebrated its second anniversary with its family and their friends. Last year I unfortunately couldn’t make so this year I made it a point to be in attendance. And I’m so glad I did, it turned out great! There are so many reasons why we were all there.


One thing that I love about our box is the family. We’ve all become each others family in one way or another. From those of us who have known each other since the beginning (ahem, girl fight) to those who have been here only a couple weeks, Unlike some other boxes that I have been to, we make it a point to be very welcoming to the newbies. Think back to when you first began. Specially those who know no one coming in, like I was when I started two years ago. Those with no athletic background. All these people need the support and reassurance that we all began somewhere. That there is always a goal for anyone, even the “elite” athletes at the gym. And I think our box does amazing at this.


It’s clear many of us have become a family through this little thing called CrossFit. But, another perk to this, is the friends we’ve come out with. I have countless memories of WOD-ing with people I consider very close friends. Beyond that, I have amazing memories of doing things outside of the gym. Whether it’s something as simple as going to dinner, or meeting at a friends place for a bite, or going out and doing very non=paleo things. Just let loose with them. These are the friends that see you at your worst (or best, however you want to look at it) when a WOD is just beating you down and you’re sweating like an insane beast with a dab of delirium. They understand.

Some of the lovely ladies of CrossFit 310

The push.

Like the CrossFit Games Facebook so eloquently put it, this is the only sport where the loudest cheers happen for the person finishing last. We push each other, push each other hard. In those moments when you just want to quit. When your body is just telling you, “No more,” is when we all step in and push you. This is a big reason why I personally feel the need to be in a box, rather than home WODs. I like and I crave that motivation, that push.

The competition.

Let’s face it. Most of us who continue to CrossFit have a competitive bone or three in us. We want to beat that person next to us. We all look at the white board to see what time and weight to beat – well, except us 6 am-ers, there is no one before us, so we must set the bar. We scope out everyone’s numbers and from that gauge who to chase. I personally have a little list of those I chase or try to set the bar for – here’s to you Brittny Burford, Helen Medina, and Carrie Rey.

Koach in his element. Thanks Manny for the photo.


One of my favorite people, ever. When I was going through a rough time of not making it to class on time or at all because of my new job, he was extremely understanding. It was a dark time for me. It honestly affected me a lot not being able to regularly CrossFit for nearly eight months. Outsiders would ask me why I don’t just go to a different CrossFit box, one that’s closer to Santa Monica or on my commute home to make it on time. Why? Because I did not want to be coached by anyone else. Because I consider those I CrossFit with, family and dear friends. Because I love the culture of CrossFit 310 and of my Koach. Because he has been so helpful with my stupid knee problem, determined to get it better with me. Because he’s a goof ball and kind of a spaz. Because he deeply cares about every single one of us.

Thank you CrossFit 310. You’re a game changer.

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