Barbells, Food and Jojo

Join me as I navigate through my love for Olympic Weightlifting, Flexible Dieting and Life

So I suck and have not been posting the actual recipes for the food I’ve been making since they’ve mainly been feeding from Instagram – life just gets in the way sometimes. Though I will try not to be an a-hole and do real posts again.

What you’ll need:

• cupcake baking tin

• 6 eggs

• 6 bacon strips  (even amount of eggs and bacon, depending how much you want to make)

What you do:

Preheat oven to 350º. In the meantime, grab your cupcake tin, eggs and bacon. Line each cup with a bacon strip along the edges to form around the cup. There is no need to really grease your pan because the bacon has more than enough of it’s own greasy goodness to not stick. Then crack an egg into the center of each cup. Bake for 14 minutes for well done, 12 minutes for slightly runny yolk and 8 minutes if you like the yolk runny. Keep in mind oven times will slightly vary, just check your ish whole it bakes. Take the suckers out and let’em cool a bit and that’s it! I packed mine into the fridge to eat throughout the week for brekkie. Nom!

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