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February 4, 2013



I saw this great pin floating around on pinterest. It was from Good Housekeeping, it’s a great resource on how to roast vegetables.

I agree that the roasting concentrates the flavor, and it’s one of my favorite ways to eat vegetables.

I updated the chart a little by adding a few more in, and I also changed some of the seasoning combinations.  I realize that some people think that tomatoes are a fruit, but I like to slow roast them.

Maybe when the weather is warmer, I’ll put together a how to on grilling fruits & vegetables.

I hope this is helpful.

Important post! I’ve been roasting vegetables a lot lately and I always have to google this info. Thanks!

Not sure if anyone out there has brain farts with roasting like I do, but this sheet is SUPER helpful. I always want to roast more veggies but I fear it because I’ve had a couple fails. Guess it doesn’t help that I have a vintage beefy oven and the roaster is separate from the oven and super strong…

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