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Join me as I navigate through my love for Olympic Weightlifting, Flexible Dieting and Life

Proud to say that my coach. Kris Germain at CrossFit 310, embodies all this and more:

1. Trust
You have to be able to trust your coach. Trust that they wouldn’t make you do something they don’t think you could do. Trust that they will rescue you at the bottom of a failed squat. Trust there’s a method to their madness.

2. Non Judgmental
A good coach doesn’t judge their clients. Everyone fails. As CrossFitters, probably more than most as we’re always pushing to better ourselves. Not to mention the states they’ll see you in…red in the face, sweaty, flat on your back, tears, collapsed in a heap on a failed handstand, ass in the air…you name it, they’ll see it.

3. BS Immunity
A good coach should be immune to your bullshit. Your whining, excuses, complaining, your woes. Get on with it.

4. Experience
A CrossFit coach should CrossFit. Practice what you preach.

5. Knowledge
This is pretty obvious. If you’re going to no rep my burpee, then you have to be able to tell me why.

6. Patience
Some things we get – we get them quick, some things take a little time, a little work and a little patience.

7. Personality
You spend a lot of time with this person. Make sure you like them.

8. Humanity
Dedication is important. As is commitment and consistency. However, we’re all human. Every once in a blue moon it needs to be ok to have personal matters to attend to (that’s code for too much tequila last night).

9. Passion
A coach should inspire you. They should be passionate about what they’re doing. It’s contagious.

10. Awesomeness
They should have it, demand it, share it.

10 Things That Make a Good CrossFit Coach

March 18, 2013

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