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There were some I wasn’t too thrilled with my score and some I was happy with. All in all, fun yet deathly times had with friends and will be interesting to repeat some of these later on to see improvement.


109. Ugh. This one was terrible. The burpees winded me so bad. I was hoping to reach and attempt at least 1 100lb snatch rep but that didn’t happen. Next time.



148. Another terrible one. Did step ups to save knee pain and ended up doing them from only one side which fired up opposite side of lower back when doing deadliest. Ouch. 



Didn’t do this for I knew this one would fire up the knee and force me to scale WOD’s for rest of the week. And that wasn’t worth it to me.



51. I was actually looking forward to this one because I am a fan of T2B. Things just click with this skill for me. But I knew those clean and jerks were a bit heavy for me to do that many mixed in with T2B for my forearms would be shot. I flew through the T2B pretty good but I think I took too long of breaks in between clean and jerks. Next time I need to have a timed plan for this one. 



45. After it was announced, this is one I was dreading the most. I even got queasy the morning before doing it. Reason is because the last couple times I’ve done a Fran-like WOD, my knee has basically blown up (being dramatic but knee took a beating) because I have a tendency to crash down at the bottom of my squat during thrusters (I think in an effort to go fast). This went a lot better than I expected it to! I got through first set of thrusters unbroken, first set of C2B almost unbroken at about 9-10 reps. The second set of thrusters were brutal though. This is one I’m definitely looking forward to re-do someday. Tip: reverse grip on C2B helped a ton – and yes, it meets the standard of “athlete can choose their grip”.


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