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April 7, 2013

Clearly, I’ve been a fan of just stacking big old salads with random ingredients but I figure this is one of the best ways to get in all my veggies and blocks that I need in one dish. 

I can for the most part eyeball my block quantities these days with the exception for veggies or fruits I don’t regularly have. New follower (Wish I Was Katniss) requested that I break down the blocks in my meals to help, so hopefully this helps her and others. I tend to Instagram lot of my meals so not sure if I can break down my blocks every time but here it goes!

3 Block Breakfast

½ Carb Block: 2c fresh organic baby spinach

½ Carb Block: 1/3 diced onions

1 Carb Block: 3/4c shaved Brussels sprouts

1 Carb Block: 1/3 diced plantain

2 Protein Blocks: 2 pastured eggs over easy

1 Protein Block: 2 uncured bacon slices

2 Fat Blocks: 1 tbsp organic coconut milk (canned) (I had this with my coffee and 1 packet of Stevia).

Missed 1 Fat block because I’m full.

What I did:

Set the bed of fresh baby spinach. Heat up a pan and cut the bacon into pieces and once pan was hot cooked it through, then removed from pan. In the leftover bacon grease I cooked the diced onions and plantains then added the shaved Brussels sprouts when those were nearly cooked, then removed those from pan. Then in more leftover bacon grease (it goes a long way!) I cracked two pastured eggs into the pan and pan-fried them until whites cooked thoroughly but yolk gooey. And that’s it!


Random? Yes. Delicious? Yes. Don’t be afraid to experiment with ingredients you wouldn’t think go together. This was delicious and very filling.

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