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Join me as I navigate through my love for Olympic Weightlifting, Flexible Dieting and Life

As of this month, April 2013, I will officially have been a CrossFitter at CrossFit 310 for three years. Prior to CrossFit I never would have guessed that I would have stuck to a fitness program for this long. I was so fickle before CrossFit having tried everything from Zumba, Insanity, Tae-Bo, Jillian Michael, kickboxing, etc. But this I’ve committed to for so many reasons beyond fitness.


I began eating Paleo/Primal BEFORE CrossFitting (weird, right?). When I would look up recipes to make I began to notice that nearly all the Paleo bloggers out there (very few at the time) were doing this thing called “CrossFit”. Naturally, I Googled what it is and I was intrigued. I’d ask around about it but no one in my circles knew what it was so i decided to look up my nearest location. I tried a couple of locations that had the standard intro session of a baseline WOD, and it was pretty killer but I just didn’t feel a connection to the coaches, the place and it wasn’t enough to warrant the hefty membership price tags. But then I wandered into CrossFit 310…

Getting lost (per usual) and not knowing exactly where the entrance was (before there was signage out front), Coach Kris sees me wandering aimlessly and waves me over. We had a brief discussion and something that he said that always has stuck with me is, “I’m a sucky sales man. I don’t want to ‘sell’ this to you. I want you to experience it first hand, see if you love it. If you do, awesome! If you don’t and you don’t think it’s for you, then it was nice to meet you. Let’s get out there and see if you love it.” Here is where I was first introduced to Chris “Small” Galligani, Jenny “Goose” Atkinson and Helen “Hair Down” Medina. They were about to begin the warm up and I was clueless on what “foot work” was, so Jenny offered to guide me through it (you did great, Jenny!). From this point on, the 5:30 class came to be known as Girl Fight because at the time it was usually just us girls and maybe one or two guys who we probably scared away to other class times from all the estrogen. And the rest is Girl Fight history. To this day we remain very close friends and revel in the rare days that we get to WOD together since we all go in at different times now.

The Progress

On days when I get so mad that I couldn’t RX a WOD, beat my PR on a strict press, get a strict HSPU yet or do a muscle up – it does me good to remember where I started and how far I’ve come. Think back to when I first began not knowing a single soul and with very little athletic background (only couple years of volleyball). Before CrossFit I was just doing some circuit training on my own. When I started I did push ups from my knees, black band for pull ups, most barbell work was with just the bar or maybe 10lb bumper plates, singles for jump rope and 18lb kettle swings.


One thing I love about CrossFit is that there is always a new goal no matter what level athlete you are. Anyone can be faster or stronger in any skill. Today I can do strict pushups with no problem (except when there are a million in a WOD), strict pull ups and also kipping, string Toes To Bar, can swing a 53lb kettle in a WOD, double unders and can lift triple digits in most barbell work. Granted, there are bumps in the road such as my knee inflammation that I dealt with for so long and the “dark ages” (aka when I had a new a job and had a hard time making in to the gym at all for half a year). But never did I think I’d be doing any of these things when I first started. I was the epitome of a “beginner” having little-to-no sports, military or gymnastic background. Yes, I had been doing some circuit training, but nothing in comparison to the skills in CrossFit.

Now What?

There is so much more I want to do in here! To this day it isn’t boring, ever. I want to get my ring and bar muscle up, like yesterday. I want so bad to have my strict HSPU – currently I’m about 3-4 inches away. I want to nail that strict ring dip – so close. With knee feeling much better (most days), I want to recover my endurance. I want to get past my stubborn strict press PR. I want to nail a squat snatch with more than 65lbs. Last but not least, I want to continue creating memories WOD’ing at CrossFit 310 with the new friends I continue to make, Koach and my Girl Fight girls who have all come a very long way with their own CrossFit story.

Thank you, CrossFit. You’re a game changer.

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