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Join me as I navigate through my love for Olympic Weightlifting, Flexible Dieting and Life

I recently talked about this but it just keeps popping up so I’m going to blog about it again. The constant bashing of each others fitness programs continues and it sucks. And it comes from both sides. 

Dear fellow CrossFit folk: Stop the superiority complex. Believe me, i love it, too. After three years of CrossFitting I better love it! But what’s the point in acting superior to other fitness? Bashing things like Zumba and marathoners and prancercise (haha) is dumb. 

Dear everyone else doing bashing against CrossFit: Why do you care? Maybe you’re defensive because you heard a CrossFitter bashing yours? Fair enough. It can be a vicious cycle. But memes like the one below get to me because I personally know many people that I CrossFit with (including myself) who enjoy other sports and activities outside of the box such as volleyball, soccer, jiujitsu, self-defense, surfing, hiking, triathlons and much more. And needless to say, i CrossFit with many police officers, firefighters, FBI and military. They would all agree it’s great supplemental training for their careers and the others agree it’s supplemental for whatever they do outside of the box.

Bottom line? Can’t we all just get along? At least people are moving and staying active!

Rant over, carry on.

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