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July 29, 2013

2013 CrossFit Games Recap

This is my third year in a row going to the Games and it is so different every time. The only thing that really remains the same is extremely hard working athletes giving it their all. First, me and my ladies:

Pictures from today at The CrossFit Games.
  • Highly dislike the segregation of Silver and Gold passes. Also highly dislike you can’t purchase single day passes. The live ESPN streaming somewhat made up for the diss to the po’ folk.
  • The half-marathon row was a snoozer for the spectator.
  • Broke my ole heart to see Froning struggle in the pool event – but it also made me happy because that was a true testament to the fact that he (or any athlete) is not unstoppable.
  • Legless rope climbs make me shudder. I pray to the CF gods that we won’t see any of those programmed at our box. Otherwise, hey scaling, how you doin’?

  • Naughty Nancy looked like pure endurance hell. Dare I say it looked like the OHS were the “break” to breathe after running? But then again, hello trying to run with dead legs. Smdh.
  • The “Worm” made me think of what wine I should have that night because of the cork resemblance. 

  • Insanely mind boggling to see the beast weight these ladies are throwing up overhead in the Clean & Jerk Ladder. 

  • Lucas Parker is so mechanical and magical. He is on-point with his form for every single lift he does. I think his beard holds secrets.

  • Lucas Parker and Aja Barto going head-to-head on the C&J Ladder proved that there is no ideal height, shape or size for an athlete to be an amazingly strong olympic lifter.
  • A bit shocking to see the usual “top ladies” (Camille and Clever) not even break the Top 10. I sit and wonder how different (if at all) it would have been had Annie T and Julie Foucher competed.

  • Khalipa is amazing. One of the vets and still on top of his game. He got so close, so very close. Would have been rad to see him get his second title after five years.
  • That guy in that one team with the broken finger that did a one-armed snatch along with a deadlift, pull-up, C2B and a clean in the Pig event to keep his team in the running. All with essentially one-arm! Or 7 fingers at the most. All for the sake of his team. True team player.
  • I wish I had hundreds (or thousands) of dollars to spend on all the goodies there like more socks, tanks, oly shoes, headbands, etc.
  • Motocross and BMX demo at the Games? Really, CrossFit? 
  • Tyga performing at the Games? Come on, Crossfit. You’re drunk, go home.
  • And Froning takes the three-peat Fittest Man on Earth title! You all know I have a soft spot in my heart for my hubby but I did secretly wish that Khalipa would have taken it.

  • Sam Briggs, Fittest Woman on Earth! She is a legit beast. Kind of scares me a bit. I’m curious if she would have taken it if Annie T and/or Julie Foucher would’ve competed. Guess we’ll never know until next year!

There you have it, folks. My third year at The Games. The experience keeps getting so different year and I’ll be honest, not necessarily for the better in my opinion. I know the Games will never be like they were because it keeps growing, but i do miss when it wasn’t so commercialized and such huge a production like in 2011. 

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