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Hey guys! It has been a LONG time since I have written a post directly onto my Tumblr blog here. Too long. It actually has been 10 months since I last did a legit post on here directly that’s not fed from Instagram – and it wasn’t a pretty one.

As it happens, life gets in the way. I’ve been at the same job now for over two years and it’s been great. The people are great, the hours are awesome – every other Friday off with full time hours, hell yes. Off early on the Friday’s I do work? Holler. Heading up the social media marketing and department. Sweet.

But alas, that’s not the purpose of this post. This being a health, nutrition and fitness blog, it’s only right that I touch on where I am at with my health, nutrition and fitness. For those of you that have been following me for a while now, may remember that I had been having some health and metabolic issues from this post (warning: it’s a long one). 

To keep reading about my journey (including entertaining gifs to lighten the mood):

Prior to that post, I touched on my health here first about Vitamin D deficiency here

None of the above had solved my problems. The last place I left off with you folk, was my journey to start Eastern medicine. I went. And I did not conquer. I went to a little over 20 sessions with a talented Acupuncturist but my symptoms remained. This was months ago, maybe even nearly a year ago? Losing count.

 I sought more options, asked people questions for doctor recommendations and someone mentioned seeing an Immunologist / Allergist Specialist. Did my research and found a recommended doctor and made my appointment right away. She was great. Very patient with me. We ran additional blood panels for food and environmental allergies, and they mostly zeroed out again…of course. She then recommended we do the skin method for allergy testing for food and environment. Meaning, I would be getting pricked basically one million times with different allergens all over my back and arms.

The pricks along the lower back were OUCH. Now these results showed that I am actually fairly allergic to two kinds of dust mites: actual dust mites and their secretions. FUCKIN’ GROSS.

ew animated GIF

Doctor recommended that if it’s feasible, for me to move from my apartment that is wall to wall OLD ASS carpet (aka hot bed for gross ass dust mite shit) to an apartment with all flooring and get a new mattress as mine was 8+ years old. Very long story short, I decided I could do this. I was tired of feeling like crap. I found a lovely apartment with brand new floors and was bigger than my previous apartment – SCORE!

win animated GIF

She mentioned, it would be about 3 to 6 months for me to notice a difference. Patience. Something I’m not good at. Alas, that brings me to more recent days. This month marks the 6th month of me living in new apartment. And guess what? I FEEL THE GODDAMN SAME. The nasal congestion got a bit better but the post-nasal drip in my throat NEVER goes away. Ever. 

adventure time animated GIF

Okay, this now brings me to the “shift” I allude to in the title. This whole time, I’ve continued to CrossFit (still love it after 4+ years), and even amped up my training to include more (olympic) weightlifting focus and added sprinting couple days after work, too. Eating Paleo and Paleo Zone per usual, as well. But, I still remained “fluffy”. No wonder how clean I got my diet, the scale wouldn’t move more than a 5lb range. And yes, I know, the scale does NOT define me. But, get this, my clothes fit the same. No change. Frustrating and upsetting to think you’re doing everything right and seeing no results from all your work.

None animated GIF

A little over a month ago, I sought the assistance of a nutrition coach (who also owns a gym, his partner being a Regional CrossFit Athlete, and had helped someone I am familiar with, drop weight but continued to PR in her lifts as she dropped. I was intrigued. I enlisted his help and bought into a 9-week nutrition program. My diet plan was laid out for me after I paid. My god. Extremely restrictive. Mind you, I am familiar with many restrictions, having been Primal, Paleo and Paleo Zone for the past 4+ years with the recurrent strict Paleo Challenges and Whole30 and 21 Day Sugar Detox. Specific meal times. No oils can be used AT ALL, proteins limited to very lean poultry and fish only, no egg yolks (argh), tiny bit of avocado only for dinner (not with breakfast argh), only oatmeal in the morning and absolutely no “cheat meals” in the ENTIRE 9 weeks. W.T.F.

shocked animated GIF

And if you know me, I’ve never been one to go on binges or full cheat DAYS, only the very occasional cheat meal and/or beer/wine. But, I also like to be challenged. I decided I could do this. And that maybe it’s the kick I needed to finally shed the fluff that seemed to be permanently stuck on me. 

exercise animated GIF

At first, it was fine. I’m used to creating a routine for myself. Stayed on track just fine. Then, my annual family trip to Palm Desert came up. Held my head high and went with a game plan. Packed my foods and made a pit stop to the grocery store over there on the way. While my family enjoyed taco night, cocktails, beers and BBQ – there I was with my grilled chicken breast, steamed Brussels Sprouts, broccoli and spinach. Yay, me. 

EditingAndLayout animated GIF

To not tell you a story with each social event I went to not being able to eat or drink at, I’ll list them: Housewarming BBQ, Potluck with friends, breakfast with my mom in which she only ate and I sipped on tea. Talk about depressing. After week 1, there was a small loss, which I expected, it being shock to my usual intake and habits. Week 2, I plateaued. No joke. Even the coach was surprised that I plateaued so soon. So what did he do? Cut out more food. Avo only three times a week, potato only twice a week. And increase my sprints. Sucked it up, did it. But this whole time I was so tired. I complained about even lower energy than I already have. He basically told me it’s in my head. That if I go into my training thinking I don’t have energy, then I won’t. Um, excuse me, buddy. I know my body after 30 years. After 4 weeks, I decided to enter what I eat in a day into My Fitness Pal. I was shocked. I know I was eating less but not to tune of 1,059 kcals. That is EXTREMELY low for someone at my height, weight and training schedule.

pll animated GIF

At that moment, I made the executive decision to break up with that plan. I was seeing minimal results (to the tune of maybe 5lbs and feeling crappy), therefore, not worth the mental fuck that was happening. I was miserable. I broke up with the plan. He never replied to my message. That’s a dick move. Not even a, “Sorry it didn’t work out for you” or something. 

This is a good place to end Part I of my story. Right after I had embarked on the nazi diet plan, I was concurrently doing a ton of research on something. Something I will go into in Part II. And if you see my previous couple posts, you’ll have a hint to what I’m alluding to. If you read even this far, I’m sending you a digital cookie.

Stay tuned.

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