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September 22, 2014

A very later post! Let me tell you a story about a place called Yellow Fever (check out their amazing menu). Yes, Yellow Fever. You might be like, “What kind of racially charged shenanigans is this?!” It’s an Asian fusion restaurant that makes bowls for your soul. Seriously. And I LOVE this place. But, I took almost a two month hiatus due from when I was on the nazi plan. I just couldn’t have it. 

Fast forward to when I began Flexible Dieting. Yes, flexible, but how was I going to fit this in with my macros when the nutritional info isn’t available? I know it’s recommended to eyeball it, or compare to a chain restaurants macros but I really want to do this right with little to no guess work. Thankfully, I am friends with the owners and the amazing chef mastermind behind all the food at Yellow Fever, did not have a problem quickly meeting with me to go over rough estimates of the amount of protein/carb/fat that goes into the bowls. So relieved! The bowl above was my first creation upon my epic return and I made sure it fit into my macros.

Shanghai Bowl with a ½ steamed kale ½ rice blend base, sub grilled chicken, no Asian slaw, extra bok choy and grilled onions, add brined garlic. So. Good. Thank you, Yellow Fever, and I’m so glad to be back. 

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