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Join me as I navigate through my love for Olympic Weightlifting, Flexible Dieting and Life

Oh, such a basic bitch. Alright guys, shit’s gonna get real here. I’m just going to throw out how easy it can be to get caught up in wanting results fast and quick. I am the queen of impatience, even when good things are happening. Any small set back and I’m in a whirl of frustration. Call it dramatic, call it me being hard on myself – both are probably true. But, knowing changes have been made, I am realizing, it is a good idea to look back. Even if looking back means only almost three months. Deep breaths. I don’t like sharing photos like this. I still get embarrassed. Dare I say, ashamed? Don’t get me wrong, I’m proud and oh so happy to have made the progress I have been able to make. But ashamed more so of how I did look I guess? When I’m sure it was even worse than that for a while before that date. Regardless, here it is, my mini-transformation in a little under three months.

There it is. Sigh. Sorry for the wonky cropping, didn’t mean to but it’s how each photo was taken. And the way I tried to keep it as accurate as possible was to align my belly button all the way across and shoulders, too. The 8/8/14 photo was taken mid-way through the Nazi Diet. Sad and discouraged. And very deprived of yummy foods. Fast forward to in-between the first two photos is when I officially ventured into flexible dieting – 9/10/14. So, by the second photo, I was just 20 days into flexible dieting. The third photo was taken this morning. I was curious to compare. Almost a month after the second photo and there are minor changes, slightly more defined, which is a good thing I am assuming. Slow progress, is good progress.

Rest assured, I am not done. I am still working with my coach (don’t trust myself yet to tweak my reverse diet numbers on my own) and I’m still sticking to this. Why wouldn’t I? I’ve actually seen progress so far – and all the while eating delicious foods!

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