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Now onto my birthday weekend recap! But before I begin, let me just throw out there that I have way too many close Scorpio friends because all these celebrations have taken me down for the count with a bad cold. I haven’t been sick in nearly a year! This blows. But, with that aside, onto the birthday details! Basically, it was a celebration.

celebration animated GIF The end. Hahaha, just kidding. My good friend Rachel and I are only a day apart in our birthdays so we decided to have a joint celebration, Speakeasy Style. Everyone was to be dressed in their best Gatsby / Boardwalk Empire / Roaring 20s attire.

cinemagraphs animated GIF the great gatsby animated GIF boardwalk empire animated GIF black and white animated GIF

Because girlfriend over here is on a budget, I couldn’t very well go TOO elaborate so I found a costume on Amazon that fit the bill and fit decent! But I wanted to give myself a faux bob for my hairstyle (I have thick, heavy long hair) and give myself a different makeup look – 20s style. YouTube is a lifesaver for hair and makeup tutorials! I was surprised I was able to pull off the faux bob! Here’s a look into what I ended up looking like:

Very fun night with just close friends, some drinks and good looks, ha! Were macros tracked, you ask? They were tracked for the entire day and I left myself plenty of fats and carbs to work with at night. I may have gone over a bit with some of the drinks, but not by much!

Click here to read onto the food feasting that went on for my actual birthday – the day following the party.

My IDGAF Birthday Feasting

If there is one day out of the year that no macros of any kind ought to be tracked, it is your birthday.And that is exactly what I did this year. It definitely took some mental prepping and motivation to not feel guilty doing this. To not be so worried that I will gain weight doing this.  A lot of things went through my mind BUT, I was determined to have what I normally can’t easily fit into my macros, and my good friends were happy to accompany me on this journey, haha! I’m so lame, and didn’t photo my breakfast, boo.

Breakfast: Donuts (not pictured)

The plan originally was to go to Donut Snob in Los Angeles, because they have a salted caramel donut – little known fact about me…I LOVE SALTED CARAMEL. But low and behold, they’re closed on Sundays! Wtf, honestly, why are bakeries ever closed on Sundays? It doesn’t make any sense. People celebrate things on Sundays. So lame. After that I was feeling lazy to trek it to L.A. so decided to keep it local with a donut shop in Torrance, Donut Den. Sadly, they did not have any salted caramel donuts, nor any super fancy/gourmet donuts but they did have some delicious options including a CRONUT which I had never had before. My two girlfriends and i shared half a dozen donuts and we nearly finished it all…so good. They also brought me a Peet’s Caramel Almond Milk Latte. And the cronut? Tasty! Very much tastes what it sounds like – a mix of donut and croissant. I enjoyed the flaky layers. The reason I chose donuts for breakfast is because I can usually just fit ONE into my day and I wanted to explore different kinds of donuts this day.

Lunch: Belgian Truffle Fries and Fat Burger Slider

For lunch, three friends and I headed to Hot’s Kitchen in Hermosa Beach. Sadly, the reason why I chose this place is not pictured (I was just too excited to get all the necessary pictures that day). I come here exclusively for their Belgian Truffle Parmesan Fries. These are hands down the best truffle fries I have ever had. And that says a lot, because whenever I see them on the menu at a restaurant, I usually order them to try. Standing Room is a close second. These are steak fries yet somehow manage to be crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. They’re just perfection. And I decided to try the Fat Burger slider (on the far right) because I’ve never tried their little burgers! I chose my favorite truffle fries for lunch because truffle fries are normally very hard to fit into my macros because they are so fatty AND carby. All the truffle oil adds up quickly. Plus these normally have parmesan cheese on them, meaning, even more fats. For lunch, the decision for me was between pizza or truffle fries but went with truffle fries because I figured these are MORE difficult to fit in than pizza is.

Dinner: Short Rib Nachos and Milhojas Cake

This one came planned ahead quite in advance thanks to my sister. I knew I wanted short rib nachos from Palmilla in Hermosa Beach as my dinner with the family, because nachos. No, seriously though, this place has the best nachos. Their short rib is perfectly seasoned and so tender and they don’t skimp on you. And, which is so rare in the nacho world, they don’t just dollop everything on top. They put layers of short rib and beans and cheese throughout the nachos to really give you your money’s worth. My sister and I shared this gloriousness. And, since I am not a regular cake fan, my family always gets me a Milhojas cake (which means “thousand layers”) for my birthday instead. And Palmilla, being as fabulous as they are, decided to decorate it for me! I’ve never seen a milhojas cake look so pretty before haha. Let’s not forget about the couple fresh muddled margaritas I had there, too. So. Good.

All in all, a great birthday with great people. Were there any regrets? Absolutely not. Did I have any stints of worry about weight gain or any of it effecting my progress as I ate? Of course. I would be a robot to not think about it. But wanna know what the best part besides all the fun and delicious eating was? Waking up the next morning NOT looking like a bloated sloth. NOT feeling so icky. And NOT feeling guilty for enjoying all that food on my birthday because there were no adverse effects. Therefore, that put the final “no fucks given” nail on the worry coffin.

look at all the fucks i give animated GIF

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