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No, not the 12-hour period when any and all crime is legal on an annual, government sanctioned night. But, rather intentionally going through my closet and purging my closet of clothes that no longer fit and I don’t intend to ever fit me again. This purge was specifically pants. One by one I went through all the jeans and shorts – I didn’t bother with the leggings because I figure those are very stretchy, ha!

The result? I’m left with only about five jeans, and here is the pile that no longer fits due to diaper butt or huge peekaboo waist gap:

That is THIRTEEN pairs of jeans that are no longer a part of my life. It does make me sad that a pair of Michael Kors and 7 For All Mankind jeans are in that pile. Out of the five that I kept, three are borderline close to not fitting. It’s definitely a good problem to have but y’all…I’m not done yet. I don’t necessarily want to buy new clothes yet. Do I just go the Forever 21 $15 jean route in the meantime? 

Next round of purge? Trying all my tops and dresses. That will be a task in itself. The tops should not be too difficult to pass off as the hipster baggy tops that are the in thing these days. 

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