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I’ve mentioned before that I hate taking and posting progress pics. Mainly because for the longest time, I saw little to no results. And I was ashamed. As I go down this road, putting my trust in a method so vastly different than conventional, I am realizing the importance of progress pictures so much more. Partially for my own sanity, because looking back where I was a few months ago to where I am now, keeps me sane. It calms down my incessant impatience, my thoughts that I’ve plateaued, not seeing changes in the mirror and more (oh believe me there’s lot more). I can easily drive myself a little crazy.

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But also, partially because I know it can help people that have been where I was. That feel “stuck”.  I know there are others that are like me out there. That have tried all forms of Paleo or “clean” eating and it has done little to nothing for them. I’ve been there. So, if my ramblings and random progress pics helps those people even a little, then that makes me happy, too. 

For the past two to three weeks I had been feeling a little discouraged. Felt like I wasn’t progressing anymore on my cut. And then a friend and I decided that we would hit the beach on Thanksgiving Day because we didn’t really have much going on during the day. Being as we live in beautiful, sunny Southern California, it dawned on me – I’d have to get myself in a bikini. Shudder. But I did it. I took a picture before heading out. And as I waited to be picked up, decided to compare the picture to right before I started flexible dieting to just see what has happened. And it being Thanksgiving, I texted the side-by-side to my flexible dieting coach, Riki Long, before absolutely anyone else. Because thanks to her patience and guidance, I have gotten where I am now. Well, here we go:

There I am. Sigh. I still get embarrassed! Lol.

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The biggest difference I can see from these pictures is my midsection but I can definitely see there is more definition in my shoulders and traps. Though not pictured completely, I know my thighs/hips have downsized a bit since I am down about three pants sizes. I don’t necessarily think the weight in each photo is important, but there is about a 12 lb difference between the two. I am a work in progress.

My plan for Thanksgiving was to loosely track macros. And did so semi-successfully. I definitely went over. Thankfully, my family doesn’t eat until the evening – we’re not one of those families that eat all day on Thanksgiving. So I was very mindful of my portions during the day – though I did have a couple beers at the beach. And then had a food baby at dinner. So yes, I went over my macros. By a lot? No. Do I have regrets? No. Then Friday and Saturday, I had friends from out of town staying with me. And like a good host, I of course had to take them out for happy hour and dinners and drinks. On these two days, I again loosely tracked, and went over I’m sure. And today, I am visibly puffy.

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Once again, do I have regrets? No. I had a great time with my friends in town. And, it actually really helped to see Rita Benavidez’ post on Instagram about how she ate over the long weekend and what she looks like now but not regretting it. It struck a cord with me and was a good reminder of “what was done can be undone.”

@wittlespoonWHAT HAPPENED!!!? Slim waist and semi abs all the way to bloated food baby belly!!! Between the potatoes, bread, stuffing, pie, popcorn, pizza, ice cream, cake, and everything else I’ve eaten this past week my body has changed a tiny bit!!!! I used to get upset if I ate too much or binged too often or put on a little bit of belly fat or held too much water weight or bla bla bla!!! But then I came to the realization that the vanity didn’t really matter and that what has been done can be undone. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still get a little insecure about myself in certain moments but I’m learning to embrace my body as it changes, whether that change is from age or just from a temporary binge. What I’m saying is you gotta love YOU and don’t be too hard on yourself! If you feel that you’ve stepped away from your goals or made a big mistake, just remember you can always get back on track! That’s what I’m gonna do 😘💋🌺 If you know someone who this may help, give them a tag!!! #bepositive #loveyourself #yougottaloveyou #vanity #ivebeenseeingnegativebodyimageposts #dontbesohardonyourself #itsnotthatserious #youarebeautiful #likeagirl #rmfb

In case you aren’t aware, she is one of my woman crushes. Not only is she drop dead beautiful with an amazing body but she is so STRONG. Like ridiculously strong with amazing lifts. I’d try to play it cool if I were to ever meet her….who are we kidding…this would be me…

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I now have a couple friends trying out flexible dieting, too. I hope it works out for them as it has for me so far! I’m glad I’m able to help them where I can as I know it makes a world of difference having someone to go to with questions. 

As I’ve said before, I’m not done yet, but happy how far I’ve come so far.

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