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Hey guys! So…there are people approaching me quite regularly on how I do flexible dieting. How they can do it. What it takes. What are macros. Even more so now that my amazing flexible dieting coach, Riki Long, made me one of her #WCW as her client with my progress photo on her Instagram here (YIKES).

But frankly, it’s a loaded question. There is a lot to it, not something that can be covered in one passing conversation and it most definitely isn’t a cookie-cutter program. Every person will have a different set of macros to meet, all depending on their body composition, current nutrition, fitness habits and goals. So, if you ask me what your macros should be, I will be happy to direct you to either Krissy’s Flexible Dieting ebook (use promo code: FFD), read up on Layne Norton or to have a qualified coach calculate them for you (I can name a few besides my amazing coach).

I am more than happy to give people tips and tricks, let them know what I eat regularly, what has worked for me, what struggles I’ve had, how I feel, how much I eat, etc. Going through this process – and not being done yet – has made me realize perhaps this is something I’d like to get into more. Help people with their nutrition goals. But, right now, I won’t pretend to know how to calculate someone’s macros just yet. Specially since I am still trusting my coach to calculate and tweak mine. Once you have your macros, then I can answer your questions about the world of flexible dieting.

To give you a look into what my journey into flexible dieting has been, I have a “Popular Posts” section on my blog that doesn’t like to show up when on the mobile app. See it as a cheat sheet so that you don’t have to look through ALL my rambling posts, just the key ones:

My Quirky Life’s Popular Posts

***Well. Seeing as I just tested the Popular Posts page on mobile – links won’t open within the Tumblr app. So lame. Just open that link in your phone’s browser if you are on mobile.

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