Barbells, Food and Jojo

Join me as I navigate through my love for Olympic Weightlifting, Flexible Dieting and Life

Holiday parties, family get togethers, all of the food and drinks, everywhere. That just about sums up the holiday season, right? It’s rough. To top it off, most of my family and friends live locally so there are a lot of get togethers I must attend. If we all lived far away, it would be easy to politely not be able to make it due to local obligations. Which would make it easier on my nutrition goals, ha! Just kidding, I love my family and friends.

So, where am I going with this? Well, a handful of months of prior to the holidays this year, I worked on strengthening my metabolism via flexible dieting. I ate a lot more. I lifted a lot more. I lost some fluff. Got stronger. And thank baby jesus that last month and this month have proven to me that my metabolism is far stronger than I think it ever has been in my adult life. Ever.

excited animated GIF

November was not only my birthday month, but a few close friends of mine, too. Celebration after celebration. And December is of course jam packed with holiday festivities, back-to-back. During these months I have tried my very best to prepare for these events with flexible dieting by saving a large bulk of my fats and carbs for those nights and eat mostly protein throughout the day. And during these events I try my best to guesstimate what I’m having. But of course, shit happens and going over macros is almost inevitable. Ugh.

frustrated animated GIF

But, I’ve done my best. During these couple months I really haven’t weighed myself, on purpose. I know because I’m not zero-ing out my macros as regularly right now, that I’m on maintenance – probably slight bulk. But, this morning, I figured, why not compare a couple photos, same angle, and see where I’m at – whether good or bad. And the below is the result:

Could it be that I’m slightly leaner in today’s photo than I was about a month ago? If so, I will freakin’ take it! Minimal differences but I am okay with that! Considering I’ve been able to enjoy myself with family and friends and not feel insanely guilty or have to be that person that barely eats because of a diet, is a big milestone. 

Long story short? This is proof that my metabolism is definitely working more like it should these days. I haven’t been completely on track with my macros yet my body is doing work to keep it all at bay. Before this, I would have immediately visibly shown signs of derailing. 

Fun fact: I haven’t worn those pants in the photo over a year ago and the waist was tied to the size I was back then. Was pretty awesome to wear them and have them pretty much fall off me. 

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