Barbells, Food and Jojo

Join me as I navigate through my love for Olympic Weightlifting, Flexible Dieting and Life

May 28, 2015

Have I mentioned that I am now officially part of the @bacikbarbell team? After my decision to go the Olympic weightlifting route about 9 months ago, with much help from @ricky_dont, I grew as an athlete but due to scheduling conflicts (and more), I really barely ever had eyes on me. I progressed nearly as far as I could training solo. My technique needed work (and still does). It was nice to be recruited for my athletic ability (and potential) by @coachbacik for his team. I now train with a team, other girls (makes a big difference), have consistent eyes on my lifts and technique, with customized programming for the team, while still CrossFitting at @crossfit310 (lezbehonest, I’m now a weightlifter that still does some CrossFit). Here’s to moving on up!
#weightlifting #olympiclifting #barbell #team #usaw #bacikbarbell #goals #likeagirl #liftlikeagirl #girlsthatlift #💪🏼 #gainz #technique #itsabarbellnotakettlebell #kilosforkids #k4k

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