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That’s right. My ass (and hammies) need to really get it together. I don’t really post too much about my training with the exception of the main weightlifting lifts: snatch and clean and jerk; and whether I made the lift or not. That’s really the core of weightlifting. But what I don’t really talk about is the accessory work that goes into it. And the issues I have and have had in my progression and technique.


I’ve known for quite some time that I’m a very quad dominant athlete. They’re out there. It is not always necessarily bad, but it IS bad when you’re SO quad dominant that it in turn makes your glutes and hamstrings lazy and not fire when they need to. I’m so quad dominant that my glutes and hamstrings are now basically like, whatever, she doesn’t need us so we’re not going to do work. Snobby ass and hamstrings. 


As if! Well, this has become a problem. I’ve been having some hip pain during heavy cleans and squats (or high volume) and oddly enough even sometimes when I’m driving during the lifting of my foot from brake to gas and vice versa. I did some consulting with my coach and other knowledgeable mobility folk and it was determined it very well could be my PSOAS (pronounced so-ass…coincidence? I think not) being a bitch. Decided I need to address this with my PT / A.R.T. guy (fun fact, he’s the sports A.R.T. guy for the Dodgers). After a few sessions with the other PT’s there, I finally got to see him for a longer appointment and he was able to pinpoint what is causing my hip pain (PSOAS). 


Low and behold, it’s due to my quad dominance! I have been saying for some time now that I’d like to match the muscle and power that my quads have to my ass. Savage swimwear anyone? Sadly, it’s no longer just a want, it’s now a NEED. For the sake of my goddamn hip and any other potential injury. It’s not only holding me back from a truly amazing ass, but it’s limiting my lifts. I don’t use my legs, ass and hammies nearly enough during my lifts.


He tested both sides of my glutes and hammies and to proved his theory right. The weaker side also happens to be the side where my hip has been hurting. He assigned me warm up drills to do before every work out to get my glutes and hammies firing and to remind them to do some goddamn work during my training. Some good old glute bridges, including one-legged glute bridges. I also found some good stuff at Barbell Shrugged Podcast / Technique WOD to add.


I asked him if I should be adding weighed accessory work to get my glutes and hamstrings stronger and he said not yet. First line of defense is to get the hip feeling better. This is the first week of his prescribed warm-up which happens to coincide with the start of a new cycle on my barbell programming which has began with high volume, low intensity. The high volume isn’t playing very nice with the ole hip but I’m training smart. If it hurts, I stop. Here’s to getting the hip better, getting the glutes/hammies to quit freeloading and do some work and grow.

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