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April 23, 2016

I’m on a mission to get my shoulder and hip healthy, the right way. I not only want them to feel better, but I don’t want to rest them, feels a little better,then go back to lifting and it happening again. I’ve been seeing an ART dr (holla Dr Yu) for soft tissue work but I knew I had to have my movements evaluated (performance) as well and who better to go to than to a movement wizard PT that also practices your sport like @quinn.henochdpt? Here he is fixing my squat positioning (to help with hip). Why the smirk? Because it felt so weird. LOL. He told me I’ll feel like I’m hunching forward (by pulling in tail bone) and video’d me to prove that my back is actually straight and sturdy (versus hyperextending). This was only the surface of what I learned in a session with him. Feel pretty confident in recovery going forward now. Was advised to not go the imaging route just yet because a good number of CF and WL athletes have tears and strains and don’t know it, whether it causes them pain and discomfort is a different story. If movement and positioning adjustment can alleviate that pain/discomfort, why not do that instead of going the surgery route right away?
#recovery #themoreyouknow
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