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POW2D7 – Post Op Week 2 Day 7

Hard to believe I’m now almost onto my third week post hip arthroscopy. By no means do I want to to jinx my recovery thus far but *knock on wood* it really has been “easier” than I anticipated. I put easier in quotes because it’s subjective. I haven’t had all the struggles or intense pain I was anticipating. Reading other people’s experiences really had me expecting the worst. I thank the gods, the old and the new, that so far it has been smooth sailing. In light of Thanksgiving just a few days ago, thankful, would be the right word.

I’m thankful for:

  • STRENGTH: The built-in strength I had pre op has helped tremendously in my recovery so far. I have not had trouble getting myself in and out of bed thanks to the upper body strength I have. Lowering myself with my good leg in kind of a pistol squat down to the toilet or onto the couch or onto my shower stool has not been a problem. Crutches have not been a problem strength-wise, just exhausting as my body heals. This may or may not be a strength, but thankfully my range of motion (ROM) has not taken much of a hit. I haven’t had problems bending over to touch my feet or to shave, etc.


  • SUPPORT: I am, without a doubt, sure that I would have had many breakdowns had it not been for how much easier Migs has made things for me since surgery. From staying the night every night since surgery, to making sure every morning I have ice in my ice therapy machine, to leaving all my meals are left in my lunchbox so that I don’t need to get up, to my water bottle being left full and that the CPM (mobility machine) is left on the bed ready for me to use. My amazing family and friends that have dropped by for a visit for anything from bringing flowers to snacks to puppies to coffee to magazines to tidying up things that I couldn’t get to. One of the worst things for me has been not being able to clean up my own place and being stuck indoors and seeing disorder day in and day out.


  • CAREER: Being able to take all this time off away from work with full pay has been a huge help. I cannot imagine not only going through this but also stressing about a cut in pay. My company and insurance has been pretty amazing to deal with through all of this.

Today is the day! I am FINALLY starting physical therapy this afternoon! Surgery was the official road to recovery, but starting PT will finally lay out the map to get there. I know that my first appointment will probably be very lukewarm and just move my leg and hip around to see where I’m at, maybe do a test walk – basically very minimal activity. My surgeon had told me that the first 6 weeks or so will be pool water therapy so that should be interesting.


I am VERY grateful that my surgeon, Dr. Huber, is fully aware of what I am working to get back to: Olympic Weightlifting. He gets a kick out of it actually. But I decided to pick Quinn Henoch, DPT’s brain a little on how I can make sure to get a PT that understands my goals. Figured he could best simplify the terminology than I can. He advised that I come equipped ready to show the PT video examples – I’ve pulled some of Mattie Rogers, Jenny Arthur, Morgan King, Jessica Lucero, etc – and to tell the PT that I ultimately want to get back to:

Squatting and deadlifting with high loads and speed.

He told me there is no reason for me not to get back to those things and if the PT tells me such, then I’ll know it’s not a good fit.

Since my last update, there have been some improvements to mention:

  • Dr. Huber is very pleased with my recovery so far (had my first post op appointment one week ago, which was a week post op).
  • He’s glad and surprised that I’m not in much pain. I’m told that it could very well tie into the pain pump and the strength I already had pre op and just plain pain tolerant.
  • He went over what he did to my hip step-by-step from the scope pictures he had given me. He ended up putting in 4 anchors (average is 3) and did quite the reshaping job on my femur (and acetabula).
  • My sutures were removed and medical waterproof little gauzes were placed on that dissolve on their own.
  • I went from having to sleep with leg elevated, to sleeping with pillow between legs laying only on non-surgical hip to now, as of last night, no pillow at all. I’m still wary about sleeping on surgical side but it has generally felt okay.
  • I’m now able to shower standing most of the time and find I only need to sit to to shave.
  • I’ve successfully gone up and down the stairs on my own with crutches. It’s exhausting and takes focus but once again, the leg strength I have left in my good leg has helped a whole lot in safely managing stairs.
  • I’m back to working from home this week, partial days, and may go into office partial days starting next week.
  • Still not able to drive.
  • Still have to wear that sexy hip brace when I’m out.

UPDATE (6:00 p.m.): I’m back, just to make this post even longer!


I figured, why wait to update everyone on my first PT appointment since it was today anyhow?

It went so much better than I expected! For one, I’m so happy I was assigned to a PT that knows exactly what my goals are and is willing to help me get there. I didn’t even have to go into showing him all my video examples I was ready to fire with.


As I mentioned above, I expected to simply have my leg moved here and there and possibly get on the bike with those tiny peddles where leg barely moves. Not the case! After some questioning and movement of my good leg as a base to where my overall mobility is, he asked me to hop onto the full size bike and I pedaled at zero resistance for 10 minutes!


And guess what? No pain! No pinching! Those are really the overall markers in anything I do. Is there pinching? Any sharp pain? Any tugging/catching? If not, then generally it’s good to go. We did the following exercises, which I was also assigned to do at home on my own:

Thank baby Jesus, all of them felt smooth without pain.

One of the best things I heard during the session was that I’m cleared to do upper body training! Meaning, I can soon start to go to gym again!

I am to do four sessions of aquatic therapy within the next week which I begin tomorrow night for low impact movement and then ideally I’ll get started on full physical therapy with more impact. I was ecstatic to hear that since normally 6 weeks of aquatic therapy is prescribed and due to me doing “exceptionally well” so far, he believes I’ll be able to move forward bit sooner.

Other PT updates:

  • I can attempt walking with one crutch at home only for now.
  • I was advised to continue working from home this coming week (I had been thinking of starting to go into the office next week).
  • I am FREE of the damn CPM machine! So happy. That is the most boring and annoying thing.
  • I am to continue icing, specially since I’ll be moving more that can cause inflammation.
  • I can safely use the Compex on a low setting just to activate the muscles, not for muscle growth.
  • He used muscle stim on me with cold packs on top for 20 minutes.
  • Am I excited to finally move forward in recovery?! Hell yes!

Well, that’s all for now! Until next time, folks.


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