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Can’t believe I’m on the tail end of my 6th week post op. To me, it honestly feels like it’s been longer but I’m quickly reminded by everyone that that is not that long in the scheme of recovery. Ugh.


I lack the patience gene. But when it comes to recovering and a goal, I am diligent and I follow instructions. I’ve been itching and itching to do more because I physically feel capable but I know I shouldn’t, so I don’t. In the last few weeks I have been cleared for increasing time on the bike and the intensity, farmer carries (unilateral only to increase stability), and of course walking.

But that is all in regards to lower body. I began to get sick of doing just upper body workouts and bike. It’s monotonous. I mean, I am all about getting jacked but bro sessions start to get very boring and repetitive when I’m only allowed to do upper body and seated exercises.


Needless to say, I’ve been pouty and petulant with my DPT about my limitations. Fast forward to yesterday’s PT session where he not only had me “zombie walk” (but with a regular band) forward and backward and sideways, but then…you won’t believe it…he told me to do pistols. Say what?!


Franklin, DPT: Can you do 10 on your left [good] leg?

Me: 10? Wow, okay, yeah, it’s been a while but I think I can.

[instantly sweaty but finish the 10 reps]

Franklin, DPT: Okay, now the other leg.

Me: Seriously?! What if I fall over?

Franklin, DPT: Then you fall, that’s why we have all this space around you.

[does pistol but get buried at the bottom of the pistol squat]

Franklin, DPT: This was not intended to make you feel bad but to show you just how weak your hip, its surrounding muscles and even your knee still is. This is why we don’t want to add load to the hip yet (re: carrying any additional weight on shoulders – axial loading), it can barely hold your bodyweight at this point.


After doing more core work and mashing of my thighs and hamstrings, I inquire what else I’m cleared for…doesn’t hurt to ask, right? He countered by asking me, “What is it you want to do that you’re not doing?” Ummm…squats! And low and behold he told me I can squat! Air squats, of course. Slow, controlled, even distribution on both legs and drive with the glutes.


So, last night at Torrance Training Lab, after my prescribed training for the day, I cautiously got into my squat position. I’ll be honest…I was scared to. What if it hurts? What if something clicks or catches? What if I’ve lost my ROM?

I’m happy to report that there was no pain, clicking, catching and my ROM is nearly what it was. But you know what else he cleared me for yesterday??

  • Lunges
  • Push ups
  • Strict HSPU
  • ER Sit-ups
  • Box step ups (at low height)
  • Rowing at low intensity
  • Bosu Ball

I’m beyond excited for my training to come. So much more at my disposal now! I still have to focus on strengthening my core, a lot. Speaking of my core…I had PT tonight as well. After warming up on the bike doing intervals for 12 minutes, he had me doing ALL OF THE CORE WORK IN THE WORLD…or, Around the World Planks, holding 30 seconds in each position for three sets. Holy. Shit. Struggle bus. I was so sweaty instantly. Dripping. So sexy.


But then he had me demonstrate my squatting to him a few times and after examining my positioning, he ultimately decided that it’s best I squat to about 90 degrees and to a target for now to promote explosiveness from the glutes versus hip flexors. He noticed that I’m not driving with my glutes enough – which can result in tugging from hip flexors which we don’t want – and that I’m losing the neutral position toward the bottom of the squat as well. Womp, womp. But that’s a part of recovery.

Well, I’ve said enough for this post, carry on folks. Until next time, peace out.


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