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POW11D6 – Post Op Week 11 Day 6

My, my, my it has been a long time since my last update! Last week I had my third post op appointment with my surgeon after – [ g a s p ] – 11 weeks! I feel like I sound like those pregnant women that talk about how far along they are in weeks, which honestly would annoy me because in my head I’m like, “Okay, so how many months is that? Because I don’t feel like calculating in my head.” #notmathmajor


So, for all of you that can relate to me with that thought, I’m almost 3 months post op, a week shy of it. I guess I can now kind of understand why they count in weeks, or when a baby is first born, because you literally count week by week, the progress, as it goes on. One doesn’t really pause to count 1 month and 3 weeks – it’s very wordy to say it that way. Anyway, almost 12 weeks, therefore, nearly 3 months. Of course, in my mind, it has felt like forever.

But, I digress. Onto the progress! Funny how this recovery thing works. Right when I’m really starting to feel stagnant, like I’m not moving forward and stuck…


…I get cleared for some goods! I’m now touching barbells! That alone makes me feel like I’m finally getting closer to “regular” training for myself. Since the last time I updated the blog, in order of clearance date, I have been cleared to:

  • Shit ton of single leg work, such as: single leg RDL’s, single leg squats, landmine single leg RDL’s, Bulgarian split squats – all with either a dumbbell or a kettlebell.
  • More intense glute activation work, such as: glute bridges, single leg glute bridges, weighed glute bridges (dumbbell)

Landmine Single Leg RDL’s

Now…some of the good stuff!

  • Strict press….wait for it…standing! Had gotten so sick of seated weight work that I was SO thrilled to finally be able to stand with weight.
  • Add weight to controlled squats (such as goblet squats, and if needed, to a target, but it has finally started to feel better, all while staying stable).
  • Box step ups to a regular sized box (20″).
  • Push press!!! Semi-dynamic bar overhead…say what?? Still ought to keep light…
  • GHD Back Extensions
  • Jogging – or rather, yog because…


  • Light jumping (such as jumping rope)
  • Muscle snatch…boom! Can’t wait to try these…
  • Snatch-grip push press…bam!
  • Deadlifts and RDLs…with both legs! Pow!
  • Split jerks…shazam! These must remain light weight still. The other day I did 63lbs and it felt good. I focused on foot work, keeping core strong with a strong lock out.
  • Clean pulls off blocks (I was technically not cleared for this by DPT but because I didn’t ask specifically, though considering I’m cleared to deadlift and lightly jump and use glutes and lats, I figured this is okay. Timing is off on pulls, but it being this light, I will be focusing on correcting form/timing. Hey…it’s been a while, cut me some slack.

As of now, I’m still not allowed to do the full lifts (snatch, clean and jerk) due to the amount of explosiveness needed. I’m sure very soon I’ll be able to at least work on the lifts as powers.

Beyond all that good news, I was cleared to go from four times a week gym sessions to five times a week (my pre-op normal week was five to six times a week gym sessions – sixth day was always dependent on how I felt), and go down to twice a week PT sessions. All in all, I’m pretty happy with progress…finally. I’m probably a little kid in a candy store finally touching barbells again, haha!

Nutritionally, well, meh. Long story short, post op I was brought down to poverty macros, rightfully so because I was completely inactive. As soon as I began to be bit more active and off crutches, a little after Christmas, I was put on a reverse diet. I completely understand that I needed to get my intake back up from being so low. Then the reverse diet, in my opinion, got quite aggressive. Within a month my intake had increased significantly, to more than I was eating pre op. With it has come some gain, which I know is fat because let’s be honest, it’s not muscle since I’m not lifting heavy weights yet. Most people wouldn’t think it’s really that much gain, but I do not like the weight I’m sitting at. I was okay with being put on a reverse diet. I know my body needed it. But bulking was never my intention. My body doesn’t respond well to big intake jumps. We’re now going to maintain and more so play it by ear as my training load increases, slowly but surely.

On that note, it’s time for me to get out of here! I’m at Migs’ place using up his goods (glorious washer/dryer) and I gotta get back to my place – early gym tomorrow!


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