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It’s been ages, guys. I started the draft of this post FOUR months ago, and never got around to finishing it. Multiple reasons account to why, and I’ll go into some of those reasons in a follow-up post. This post has a purpose and its purpose is…LIFETIME PRs!!! That’s right, not just post op PRs …

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Guys. I know I suck. No need to tell me. I know it has been a bazillion years since my last post. This post will almost be irrelevant at this point since it happened back in JULY and it is now OCTOBER. I bring shame to the blogging world. But I still want to share …

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That’s right. My ass (and hammies) need to really get it together. I don’t really post too much about my training with the exception of the main weightlifting lifts: snatch and clean and jerk; and whether I made the lift or not. That’s really the core of weightlifting. But what I don’t really talk about …

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It’s official. I now officially identify as a Weightlifter that CrossFits. For a while there it was an identity crisis. I mean, I’ve been a CrossFitter for nearly five years. That’s what I knew and loved. I still do love it, and still do it. But I fell in love with weightlifting more.  Funny that …

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December 7, 2014

An unexpected clean and jerk pr at 72.5kg/160lbs (10lb pr)! Yes…I know I caught it high, back rounded a bit, didn’t drive under it enough and pressed out at end of jerk – but I’m still stoked! I have things to work on, such as working on getting under the bar faster and catching it lower so that I can pull more weight and get under it. Same with the jerk, I need to pull myself under faster and lower, let the weight push me down versus fighting the bar. Following The Outlaw Way has helped a ton in reaching some of my training goals – key is to stick to a program, don’t go program hopping just because you get bored or too hard.

Another year of fundraising for breast cancer awareness so that women and men under the age of 40 can have the chance of early detection. Everyone deserves the right to know. Every year my gym, CrossFit 310, holds a Barbells for Boobs event where the athletes, from our gym and local gyms, are welcomed to …

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So simple, yet once again, something I hadn’t had in quite a while like this. A homemade chicken and cheese quesadilla. So far, these are the best low carb (high fiber) tortillas that I’ve tried. Granted, I’m new to the world but they’re definitely better than the Sonoma low carb tortillas. All I put in …

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My fellow Tumblrades, I am not one to ask of you for anything unless I feel strongly about it – such as for this cause. My dear 93 year old grandmother (Abuelita) is an amazing breast cancer survivor and what better way to honor that than to attempt to save as many boobies from going through what she (and millions of others) has gone through. Please help me support Barbells for Boobs by making a donation to my fundraising page. Every little bit counts. By donating you are helping women and men in need receive mammograms. The process is fast, easy and SECURE. 

If you can’t donate now, please REBLOG this to help spread the word. 

In support of all this, my gym, CrossFit 310, is hosting a Barbells for Boobs event in which all team members will be doing the WOD, “Grace”: 30 Clean and Jerks.

My mission is to save as many boobies as I can in honor of an amazing survivor, my grandmother, who is now 93 years old and rockin’ it.

September 18, 2013