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Recipe: Pizza Fries

June 21, 2016

Pizza Fries? Kind of. Of course I would take full on gluten fluffy crust, fatty meats and regular pepperoni any day, but when you don’t have that many macros to work with, you can get creative to kind of satiate your cravings, even a little.

Saved decent carbs on my low carb day but craving pizza called for this eat-with-fork creation:

Preheat oven at 350🌡 and then prepare in a foil-lined and sprayed oil baking dish:

[base] pre-steamed sweet potato (actual yellow ones, the real ones, not orange like many stores like you to think) slices, pre-made Cauliflower  rice (dry out Cauli rice as much as you can with paper towel)
[layer 1] garlic marinara, Trader Joe’s lite shredded mozzarella
[layer 2] 93/7 ground beef and turkey pepperoni

Baked at 35🌡 for 12 minutes, broiled for 3 minutes.

Macros: 42c 11f 28p – my sweet potato ratio was higher than Cauli rice, can easily switch ratio for lower carb.

Verdict? Honestly, you can’t really go wrong with meat, cheese and potatoes. Unless you use fat free cheese, then you most definitely can go wrong because it has no flavor.

Holiday parties, family get togethers, all of the food and drinks, everywhere. That just about sums up the holiday season, right? It’s rough. To top it off, most of my family and friends live locally so there are a lot of get togethers I must attend. If we all lived far away, it would be …

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December 9, 2014

I’m still human.

I went over my macros today. I didn’t want to go over them today, and I had the freedom to choose not to – but did anyway. Don’t get me wrong – of course I’ve gone over my macros on some days. I usually plan for them. If I’m eating out or celebrating, it’s more than likely and I know it. But this, this I didn’t plan for, it just happened. And yes, I do regret it.

What had happened was…I brought home leftovers (mistake número uno) from a Soul Food dinner party I attended. You’re damn right that included homemade baked mac and cheese, cornbread and little bit of authentic fried chicken. I intended to make the leftovers last a couple days. But maybe because I’ve been feeling more hungry lately (possibly be time for a refeed), but I felt ravenous at lunch. And I ate all the leftovers. I almost didn’t even want to enter the estimated amounts into MFP and call the day a wash. But, I wanted to know the damage.

And guess what? It didn’t end there. I added to the fat and carb fest I had earlier by having bit of chicken lasagna I had left over from the other night when I could’ve had mostly protein and some veggies. And then I had an apple.

I overate today and regret it. But, instead of kicking rocks for the next few days (as was my usual MO), I know that tomorrow is a new day. A new day to reboot and stay on target. What has been done can be undone. Training butt crack of dawn tomorrow and a day of work and hitting those macros dead on. A day to carry on.

Hey guys! So…there are people approaching me quite regularly on how I do flexible dieting. How they can do it. What it takes. What are macros. Even more so now that my amazing flexible dieting coach, Riki Long, made me one of her #WCW as her client with my progress photo on her Instagram here (YIKES). …

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Brace yourselves folks, you’re in for a long one. Let me first begin by saying that this is NOT intended to bash or talk Paleo down. I’m just going over MY experience with it over some years. I know a lot of people that it has worked for and do great on it. We’re all …

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*kiss, kiss* Welcome back! If you read through Part I – first, bless your heart. And two, here is part…two.  Okay, so I left off talking about my disastrous venture into what I now refer to as the nazi regime diet. Eating far too little, far too limited foods, extreme scheduling and feeling tired and …

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