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Guys. I know I suck. No need to tell me. I know it has been a bazillion years since my last post. This post will almost be irrelevant at this point since it happened back in JULY and it is now OCTOBER. I bring shame to the blogging world. But I still want to share …

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That’s right. My ass (and hammies) need to really get it together. I don’t really post too much about my training with the exception of the main weightlifting lifts: snatch and clean and jerk; and whether I made the lift or not. That’s really the core of weightlifting. But what I don’t really talk about …

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December 30, 2014

Scored myself a 30lb Deadlift PR on Saturday – from old 1RM 235lbs to new 1RM 265lbs! Attempted 275lbs twice and failed – mental block/fart. Gunning for 300lbs…

November 29, 2013

This hurt day after delicious nomming but was necessary! Also, first time doing HSPU without any mats in a WOD (scaled to 10 reps)! The 53# kbs sucked. 16:52
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I recently talked about this but it just keeps popping up so I’m going to blog about it again. The constant bashing of each others fitness programs continues and it sucks. And it comes from both sides.  Dear fellow CrossFit folk: Stop the superiority complex. Believe me, i love it, too. After three years of …

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Warning: RANT

I cannot stand how judgmental some people are. I’m talking about those who think that there is only one certain way of eating and/or exercising AND who put down those people who are eating and/or exercising differently. Listen, I get it, I’m super judgmental myself and sometimes, I…


Love this post by Tina (who I feel like I know since we’ve followed each other on Tumblr for what seems like forever!). She is SO right. I eat a certain way and workout a certain way but I don’t expect everyone to like what I do nor do I expect them to follow it. It’s not for everyone. It’s for me.

And to flip it to the other side, I also hate it when people who are paleo/vegan/vegetarian/WW/Zone or whatever, put others down who aren’t eating how they eat. The last thing I do is try to preach to people. I do my own research and try to follow what works for me. Which is an ongoing process.

I clearly love me some CrossFit. It makes me happy, so why wouldn’t I stick to something I love? But I hate when fellow CrossFitters come out and say crap like, “Your workout is my warm up!” Or “Zumba? Please, I CrossFit.” Like come on. Don’t get cocky. Enjoy what you do and leave it at that. Don’t put others down who are making an effort to move and be active. You do you, and let them do them.

Wow, this also turned into a rant on my end. You riled me up, Tina!

I like donuts: Warning: RANT
I cannot stand how judgmental some people are. I’m…

April 25, 2013