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If you’ve been in a never-ending cycle of dieting down and eating minimal total calories without seeing much difference or keep plateauing, chances are your body needs a reverse diet to strengthen your metabolism. What’s a reverse diet, you ask?

Every Friday, I will be posting Random Rambles. Random Rambles will include just that, random ramblings that will be about anything that I’ve been mulling over. This Friday, I am rambling about: Body Image. Body image…is a bitch. There is so much to those two little words! Both men and women deal with it. Both …

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I wrote the post below exactly two years ago and I’m happy to report that science still wins. I still follow a flexible diet under the watchful eye of my qualified nutrition coach (SD Evolution), not because I don’t know how to count and track my macros (I’m now over two years in), but for …

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Los Angeles Spots: LA Ice Cream Lab

August 16, 2016

I hadn’t been to Little Tokyo in forever and LA Ice Cream Lab happened to be next door to Spitz – it was meant to be, obviously. Every ice cream is made to order and once I saw the Salt Lick Caramel Crunch I had to get it. At first I tried to see if I can taste a sample because I often find that treats that claim to be “salted caramel” are just caramel with little to no salt and just use “salted” as part of a marketing ploy to reel people in since it’s a “popular” flavor these days. End rant.

I went ahead and ordered it anyhow. It was just as delicious as it looks with legitimate chunks of pretzel throughout.

Recipe: Pizza Fries

June 21, 2016

Pizza Fries? Kind of. Of course I would take full on gluten fluffy crust, fatty meats and regular pepperoni any day, but when you don’t have that many macros to work with, you can get creative to kind of satiate your cravings, even a little.

Saved decent carbs on my low carb day but craving pizza called for this eat-with-fork creation:

Preheat oven at 350🌡 and then prepare in a foil-lined and sprayed oil baking dish:

[base] pre-steamed sweet potato (actual yellow ones, the real ones, not orange like many stores like you to think) slices, pre-made Cauliflower  rice (dry out Cauli rice as much as you can with paper towel)
[layer 1] garlic marinara, Trader Joe’s lite shredded mozzarella
[layer 2] 93/7 ground beef and turkey pepperoni

Baked at 35🌡 for 12 minutes, broiled for 3 minutes.

Macros: 42c 11f 28p – my sweet potato ratio was higher than Cauli rice, can easily switch ratio for lower carb.

Verdict? Honestly, you can’t really go wrong with meat, cheese and potatoes. Unless you use fat free cheese, then you most definitely can go wrong because it has no flavor.

August 11, 2015

Another edition of when things get weird zeroing out macros. FF Cool Whip, almond milk, PB2, Walden Choc syrup, and Progenex cinnamon cocoon.

I haven’t wrote an actual non-Instagram fed post in quite a while. As it happens, life and work gets in the way. Today is a rare Monday I have off…or took off, whatever, so thought I’d make a little time to blog about where I am with nutrition and fitness. These last few months have …

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