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It’s been ages, guys. I started the draft of this post FOUR months ago, and never got around to finishing it. Multiple reasons account to why, and I’ll go into some of those reasons in a follow-up post. This post has a purpose and its purpose is…LIFETIME PRs!!! That’s right, not just post op PRs …

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December 7, 2014

An unexpected clean and jerk pr at 72.5kg/160lbs (10lb pr)! Yes…I know I caught it high, back rounded a bit, didn’t drive under it enough and pressed out at end of jerk – but I’m still stoked! I have things to work on, such as working on getting under the bar faster and catching it lower so that I can pull more weight and get under it. Same with the jerk, I need to pull myself under faster and lower, let the weight push me down versus fighting the bar. Following The Outlaw Way has helped a ton in reaching some of my training goals – key is to stick to a program, don’t go program hopping just because you get bored or too hard.