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POW6D7 Can’t believe I’m on the tail end of my 6th week post op. To me, it honestly feels like it’s been longer but I’m quickly reminded by everyone that that is not that long in the scheme of recovery. Ugh. I lack the patience gene. But when it comes to recovering and a goal, …

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POW4D7  Ending my fourth week post hip arthroscopy (and more) and it feels like its been forever but many are quick to remind me that its only been four weeks. It’s really not much in the scheme of things, and it’s hard for me to remember this. So much so that it led to a few …

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Ugh, I’m so lame. Haven’t blogged in a week! Needless to say it has been a hectic week, mainly due to birthday and preparatory things for my upcoming surgery. But I’m back! Let’s carry on… For this week’s Eat It post, the focus will be on trying to balance life and diet efficiently. Most that …

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Janky Hip Still Has Some Strength

September 11, 2016

Can you guess if I got the split jerk PR I was going for by this facial expression?

☹️ Negative. Four attempts at 82kg/180lbs. Got so close. Got under it but just couldn’t lock out. Not too bad considering my leg strength is shot thanks to #jankyhip. Successfully jerked 79kg/173lbs which is 97% of my 1RM. I’ll take that for now.