Barbells, Food and Jojo

Join me as I navigate through my love for Olympic Weightlifting, Flexible Dieting and Life

Turns out I’m not completely useless in weightlifting right now. Considering I have not been able to work on leg strength in months, somehow, I dug deep into my janky soul, and managed to successfully jerk 82kg / 180lbs for a 2kg PR. A very rare occasion these days in my training life with my janky …

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December 30, 2014

Scored myself a 30lb Deadlift PR on Saturday – from old 1RM 235lbs to new 1RM 265lbs! Attempted 275lbs twice and failed – mental block/fart. Gunning for 300lbs…

December 27, 2014

Couple weeks ago I finally hit a 125lb/57kg snatch! It helps to look back and see how far I’ve come over these last few months. Just nearly 4 months ago my 1RM snatch was 105lbs and it felt heavy as shit back then. Excited for what’s to come from The Outlaw Way!

Training has become a big part of my life. Much more so in these last four months. Yes, I’ve been CrossFitting for nearly five years, have been a consistent five-times-a-week athlete for nearly three of those years, but these last four months I’ve stepped up my game plan. I still train five times a week …

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