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Recipe: Pizza Fries

June 21, 2016

Pizza Fries? Kind of. Of course I would take full on gluten fluffy crust, fatty meats and regular pepperoni any day, but when you don’t have that many macros to work with, you can get creative to kind of satiate your cravings, even a little.

Saved decent carbs on my low carb day but craving pizza called for this eat-with-fork creation:

Preheat oven at 350🌡 and then prepare in a foil-lined and sprayed oil baking dish:

[base] pre-steamed sweet potato (actual yellow ones, the real ones, not orange like many stores like you to think) slices, pre-made Cauliflower  rice (dry out Cauli rice as much as you can with paper towel)
[layer 1] garlic marinara, Trader Joe’s lite shredded mozzarella
[layer 2] 93/7 ground beef and turkey pepperoni

Baked at 35🌡 for 12 minutes, broiled for 3 minutes.

Macros: 42c 11f 28p – my sweet potato ratio was higher than Cauli rice, can easily switch ratio for lower carb.

Verdict? Honestly, you can’t really go wrong with meat, cheese and potatoes. Unless you use fat free cheese, then you most definitely can go wrong because it has no flavor.

Alright guys, it’s been a week since I’ve been back from my week long business trip in Vegas with my coworkers where tracking macros was nearly impossible (group meals, long days, limited options, etc). I knew and expected all this – it was not my first rodeo, being my third year doing this business trip. …

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Oh, such a basic bitch. Alright guys, shit’s gonna get real here. I’m just going to throw out how easy it can be to get caught up in wanting results fast and quick. I am the queen of impatience, even when good things are happening. Any small set back and I’m in a whirl of …

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So simple, yet once again, something I hadn’t had in quite a while like this. A homemade chicken and cheese quesadilla. So far, these are the best low carb (high fiber) tortillas that I’ve tried. Granted, I’m new to the world but they’re definitely better than the Sonoma low carb tortillas. All I put in …

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I haven’t felt stoked about my nutritional and fitness path in a LONG time. Let’s start with the recent good stuff: 2 lbs away from the lowest weight I’ve been in about 4 years (but i will not let you define me, scale!) Down approximately two pant sizes (depends on brand) Muffin top level of …

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September 22, 2014

When Flexible Dieting Gets Weird: The Proyo Edition

There are times when you have leftover macros after your post-dinner snack and you kind of have to whip up something random to fill those macros. Just like this Proyo Bowl. I’m a total newbie to these but my god are they versatile. The base of a Proyo Bowl is simply greek yogurt and protein powder of choice and then add whatever toppings you see fit.

This Proyo Bowl is:

  • 95g Fage 0% Greek Yogurt
  • 35g Allmax Iso-Flex Chocolate Protein
  • 7g Goldfish Baked Graham S’mores
  • 2 oz Beechnut Pure Banana Puree
  • 6.6g Trader Joe’s Organic Honey Crunch N’ Oats
  • 10g Walden Farms Chocolate Syrup
  • 331 kcals / 31g C / 1g F / 46g P

All whipped together. You have the choice to put just the base (Yogurt + protein) in freezer for a couple hours (or more) for more of an ice cream consistency or just straight up go for gold right away like I did. Sounds weird? Yes. Taste weird? Not at all.

September 22, 2014

A very later post! Let me tell you a story about a place called Yellow Fever (check out their amazing menu). Yes, Yellow Fever. You might be like, “What kind of racially charged shenanigans is this?!” It’s an Asian fusion restaurant that makes bowls for your soul. Seriously. And I LOVE this place. But, I took almost a two month hiatus due from when I was on the nazi plan. I just couldn’t have it. 

Fast forward to when I began Flexible Dieting. Yes, flexible, but how was I going to fit this in with my macros when the nutritional info isn’t available? I know it’s recommended to eyeball it, or compare to a chain restaurants macros but I really want to do this right with little to no guess work. Thankfully, I am friends with the owners and the amazing chef mastermind behind all the food at Yellow Fever, did not have a problem quickly meeting with me to go over rough estimates of the amount of protein/carb/fat that goes into the bowls. So relieved! The bowl above was my first creation upon my epic return and I made sure it fit into my macros.

Shanghai Bowl with a ½ steamed kale ½ rice blend base, sub grilled chicken, no Asian slaw, extra bok choy and grilled onions, add brined garlic. So. Good. Thank you, Yellow Fever, and I’m so glad to be back.