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I wrote the post below exactly two years ago and I’m happy to report that science still wins. I still follow a flexible diet under the watchful eye of my qualified nutrition coach (SD Evolution), not because I don’t know how to count and track my macros (I’m now over two years in), but for …

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September 18, 2014

Though this isn’t the most fabulous picture, it sure was delicious! This here is half a portion of Paleo Nick’s Pastel de Papa (Shepherd’s Pie). Torrance CrossFit, a local affiliate, has began to carry a few of Paleo Nick’s meals (frozen) and I wasted no time in swinging by to pick up a couple: Pastel de Papa and Short Ribs with Sweet Potato. And in my haste, also wasted no time in having some! 

Yes, even though I am now a Flexible Dieter, I still enjoy paleo meals that I used to enjoy. My gold standard nowadays is to eat delicious, mainly nutrient-dense foods that fit in my macros and that most definitely still includes “paleo” meals. Paleo Nick is awesome enough to post the macros and ingredients (nothing funky in there) on the freezers he has at affiliates. Not full nutritional breakdown (like fiber and sugar), but that’s okay, I could work with it.

Pastel de Papa

  • Calories: 546
  • Carbs: 54g
  • Protein: 42g
  • Fat: 18g
  • Servings: 2 (for me)

That’s right, TWO servings. I only had one serving – it’s a lot and very filling. Even after my delicious dinner I had some macros left for a tiny dessert of Proyo (0% Fage greek yogurt with bit of Allmax Isoflex Chocolate protein powder), dab of TJ’s Cookie Butter, and drizzled with Walden Farms Caramel Dip. Now you guys know I’m not big on desserts, but 1) this was a tiny portion and 2) I do like me some graham cracker and caramel in mah liiiiife. And now, working on not having all the guilt with these things.

love animated GIF

I wonder how my morning coffee will taste with Pastel de Papa….

August 4, 2014

Popeye style. Lot of spinach with shredded chicken breast (homemade), sliced strawberry, bit of avo and balsamic vinegar. Tossed salad….lol. #lunch #nom #salad #spinach #popeye #watchoutforearms #paleo

July 26, 2014

Ninja and I making friends at the @paleotreats booth. #paleotreats #paleo #crossfitgames (at 2014 Reebok Crossfit Games)

July 16, 2014

Lunch! So clearly I’m a little obsessed with sautéed cauli rice in coconut aminos, cilantro, Flavor God and shredded chicken. It’s been my lunch this whole week. Lol. No complaints here. Check out mah metal mason jar.
#lunch #caulirice #obsessed #happytummy #homemade #cook #realfood #masonjar #birdies #paleo #100happydays #day95 #avoalways #justathird

July 15, 2014

That is one hunk of wild caught halibut! Just ate half and it was delicious. Topped with fresh squeezed lemon, capers and bit of evoo then baked. Cauli rice sautéed in ghee with cilantro, Flavor God Garlic Lovers and Coconut Aminos (amazing soy sauce replacement).
#dinner #nom #paleo #coconut #ghee #caulirice #again #experiment #taste #iloveseasonings

July 14, 2014

Salad experiment. One of the grains I sometimes miss is the CD House Salad that’s basically a chicken Caesar salad with their rice pilaf mixed in. Here, I mixed in some pan fried cauli rice seasoned with Flavor God’s Garlic Lovers with my spinach, chicken and strawberry salad. It’s yummy but can use more tweaking to perfect 😬
#experiment #salad #lunch #paleo #caulirice #flavorgod