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If you’ve been in a never-ending cycle of dieting down and eating minimal total calories without seeing much difference or keep plateauing, chances are your body needs a reverse diet to strengthen your metabolism. What’s a reverse diet, you ask?

Los Angeles Spots: LA Ice Cream Lab

August 16, 2016

I hadn’t been to Little Tokyo in forever and LA Ice Cream Lab happened to be next door to Spitz – it was meant to be, obviously. Every ice cream is made to order and once I saw the Salt Lick Caramel Crunch I had to get it. At first I tried to see if I can taste a sample because I often find that treats that claim to be “salted caramel” are just caramel with little to no salt and just use “salted” as part of a marketing ploy to reel people in since it’s a “popular” flavor these days. End rant.

I went ahead and ordered it anyhow. It was just as delicious as it looks with legitimate chunks of pretzel throughout.

Alright guys, it’s been a week since I’ve been back from my week long business trip in Vegas with my coworkers where tracking macros was nearly impossible (group meals, long days, limited options, etc). I knew and expected all this – it was not my first rodeo, being my third year doing this business trip. …

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I’ve mentioned before that I hate taking and posting progress pics. Mainly because for the longest time, I saw little to no results. And I was ashamed. As I go down this road, putting my trust in a method so vastly different than conventional, I am realizing the importance of progress pictures so much more. …

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Oh, such a basic bitch. Alright guys, shit’s gonna get real here. I’m just going to throw out how easy it can be to get caught up in wanting results fast and quick. I am the queen of impatience, even when good things are happening. Any small set back and I’m in a whirl of …

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My intake was increased a couple days ago (+5g carb, +2g fat) and because Coach Riki knows me well already, was quick to warn me to not freak out because I will probably feel bloated for a couple days but that it will pass. Started to feel the bloat today and almost freaked out and …

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*kiss, kiss* Welcome back! If you read through Part I – first, bless your heart. And two, here is part…two.  Okay, so I left off talking about my disastrous venture into what I now refer to as the nazi regime diet. Eating far too little, far too limited foods, extreme scheduling and feeling tired and …

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