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Turns out I’m not completely useless in weightlifting right now. Considering I have not been able to work on leg strength in months, somehow, I dug deep into my janky soul, and managed to successfully jerk 82kg / 180lbs for a 2kg PR. A very rare occasion these days in my training life with my janky …

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Janky Hip Still Has Some Strength

September 11, 2016

Can you guess if I got the split jerk PR I was going for by this facial expression?

☹️ Negative. Four attempts at 82kg/180lbs. Got so close. Got under it but just couldn’t lock out. Not too bad considering my leg strength is shot thanks to #jankyhip. Successfully jerked 79kg/173lbs which is 97% of my 1RM. I’ll take that for now.

October 4, 2015

Finally…FINALLY broke into the 2-hundos (lbs) on my front squat! Nearly a 4kg/8lb pr at 93kg/203lbs. This pic is when I finally hit 91kg/200lbs and then went on to hit 93kg/203lbs. Next stop…break into 3-digit (kg) front squat. Glad to see my strength going up even though lift numbers have been kind of stalled 😒.
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August 22, 2015

Carried allll of this in one trip upstairs – that’s a full, big ass Costco reusable bag. One of the reasons I train like I do, so that life things like this are not difficult! Big thank you to @balihai88 for the very useful Costco bag!
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August 21, 2015


Rita Benavidez

If I had to pick a woman with the strength and beauty that I idolize, it would be her. I never do #WCW, and it’s not Wednesday, she’s #WCEveryday. She is very strong, has muscles while maintaining some curves. Yassss.

That’s right. My ass (and hammies) need to really get it together. I don’t really post too much about my training with the exception of the main weightlifting lifts: snatch and clean and jerk; and whether I made the lift or not. That’s really the core of weightlifting. But what I don’t really talk about …

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June 7, 2015

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I scored myself a snatch and clean & jerk PR today….FINALLY! I hadn’t PR’d in either of these lifts since waxman’s no pressure meet. No video of the lifts so I’ll express my happiness through dance. Went 58/74 (128lb/164lb). More to come…
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It’s official. I now officially identify as a Weightlifter that CrossFits. For a while there it was an identity crisis. I mean, I’ve been a CrossFitter for nearly five years. That’s what I knew and loved. I still do love it, and still do it. But I fell in love with weightlifting more.  Funny that …

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December 30, 2014

Scored myself a 30lb Deadlift PR on Saturday – from old 1RM 235lbs to new 1RM 265lbs! Attempted 275lbs twice and failed – mental block/fart. Gunning for 300lbs…

December 29, 2014

It FINALLY happened and unexpectedly so – I got not only my first but second (this video) Bar Muscle Up!! And then…I got SIX more during the 12 Days of Xmas WOD we did on Christmas Eve. So stoked!! I did not see this coming. I was ready to scale this part of the WOD until one of the coaches said I should just give it a try and I did it! At the top I was like WHOA DID THAT JUST FUCKIN HAPPEN?!?! Haha. Love it.