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Every Friday, I will be posting Random Rambles. Random Rambles will include just that, random ramblings that will be about anything that I’ve been mulling over. This Friday, I am rambling about: Body Image. Body imageā€¦is a bitch. There is so much to those two little words! Both men and women deal with it. Both …

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May 13, 2015

For reals.
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December 30, 2014

Scored myself a 30lb Deadlift PR on Saturday – from old 1RM 235lbs to new 1RM 265lbs! Attempted 275lbs twice and failed – mental block/fart. Gunning for 300lbs…

Training has become a big part of my life. Much more so in these last four months. Yes, I’ve been CrossFitting for nearly five years, have been a consistent five-times-a-week athlete for nearly three of those years, but these last four months I’ve stepped up my game plan. I still train five times a week …

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October 7, 2014

1RM Back Squat PR at 210lbs! Not only did I not expect to even match my old PR today, but definitely didn’t expect to pass it by 10lbs. Unexpectedly good weightlifting day. I know I have more in the tank but maybe when I’m prepared for it, haha.

I’m also thrilled that not only am I NOT losing strength while on a reverse cut (cutting weight while increasing food intake) but I’m making GAINS. Flexible dieting FTW.

June 11, 2013

Scored myself a squat PR that I’m happy with today! 190lbs versus old PR from May was 175lbs. Strength Bias programming for the win! #crossfit #strength #squat #weightlifting #chucks #pr #strengthbias #strong #dropitlikeitshot #bettermytwerk